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How do I join the server?

First of all, you have to have a registered Minecraft account to play. You can get one here: minecraft.net

We run on Minecraft 1.7.10 with Pixelmon 3.4.0.

If Minecraft is currently running, exit out of the game and launcher before installing anything. Second, you can use either Forge or Technic.

Technic Launcher


If using Technic:

  1. Search the modpacks for the Instant Pixelmon pack.
  2. This has everything you need to start playing now.

If using Forge:

  1. Download Forge version or later
  2. The Forge comes with an automatic installer; when you run Forge, make sure you select “client”.
  3. When the Forge installation is done, open the new Minecraft launcher and click “Edit Profile”.
  4. Then go down to “Use Version” and click on the drop-down menu.
  5. There should be an option named after the Forge version you installed.
  6. Choose that and click “Save Profile”.
  7. If Minecraft loads without crashing then you have installed Forge correctly.
  8. Next, download Pixelmon 3.4.0.
  9. Open the Minecraft launcher, press “Edit Profile” and then “open game dir” to open your Minecraft folder, open the mods folder and place the Pixelmon file there. If there is not a mods folder, create and name the folder accordingly before placing the file inside.
    • Do not extract or unzip the file.
  10. Now just boot up Minecraft, and if it loads without crashing then check whether, in the mods menu on the main screen, it lists Pixelmon as one of the mods. If it does, Pixelmon is installed!

How do I play?

First things first, read the rules!

How to play Minecraft: Beginner’s tutorial to Minecraft

How to play Pixelmon: Beginner’s Tutorial to Pixelmon

The Basics:

  • Press R to send out your pokemon
  • Press bracket keys ‘[‘ ‘]’ to switch your active pokemon
  • Use healers to heal your pokemon, Trade Machines to trade your pokemon, and PCs to access your pokemon in the computer.
  • Access various warps with /warp
  • Vote daily by typing /vote and earn $500, 100 claim blocks and a rare candy

How do I make {item}?

Where do I find {item/Pokemon}?

Why is the Nether/End disabled?

The Nether and End are disabled because they cause more lag for the server due to being entirely different worlds and because no Pokemon spawn in the Nether or The End.

If you’re looking for Nether/End specific items or blocks, you can find them in the /spawn store. They also drop from some Pokemon.

What Pokemon drops {item}?

Is {Pokemon} rare?

Rarity depends on the server itself. Legendaries are rare as they only spawn 1 in 15,000 chunks spawned in their spawnable biome.

For all other pokemon, a good baseline to go by is how low the catch rate is. The Lower the catch rate, the more rare it is.

Available Pokemon

However, a Pokemon with a low catch rate can still spawn in abundance.

How come Legendaries never spawn/Why won't this Legendary spawn?

Legendaries have a 1 in 15,000 chunk chance to spawn in their home biome. This means 1 in every 15,000 chunks spawned will spawn a Legendary. So get out there and explore! When a Legendary pops up, an announcement will show in the server chat!

How do I claim my land?

There are 2 ways to claim your land:

  1. If you’ve never claimed land before, once you place your first chest, the 10×10 block area around it will be claimed.
  2. Use your golden shovel in your hand and right click a spot on the ground. Then go diagonally across from it and right click again to set your claim! All claims must be a minimum of 10 blocks by 10 blocks.

You can also type /claim in chat to review this information and /kit claim to get a golden shovel!

How do I trust players on my claim?

There’s several levels of trust available to you:

  • All access, building trust: /trust [username]
  • Only access to your chests: /containertrust [username]
  • Only access to your home and bed: /accesstrust [username]
  • To allow them to grant trust to other players: /permissiontrust [username]

REMEMBER: Users you trust on your land can access your chests and can ultimately steal from you. So be cautious when trusting people on your land!

How do I get more claim blocks?

Right now there’s three ways to get more claim blocks:

  1. Play frequently! The more time you log into the server, the more claim blocks you get! Approximately 25claim blocks per hour up to a maximum of 25,000 claim blocks.
  2. /vote for the server! You get an additional 100 claim blocks per day that you vote.
  3. Purchase claim blocks from the PokeMiner shop.

How do I get money?

  1. Defeat wild trainers, or catch new Pokemon – this brand new feature will give you 300$ every time you add a new Pokemon to your Pokedex!
  2. /vote for the server! On top of getting 100 claim blocks, you also get $500 every time you vote!
  3. Sell items to /warp shop. This includes pixelmon items and regular items. To sell: left click on the sign under the item frame. (To buy, right click)
  4. Sell TMs to /warp TMshop . TM/HMs can sell anywhere from $2000 to $5000 so selling off the ones you don’t need can be a great way to make money.
  5. Sell to other players on the /market. Some items you can’t sell to the shop, so you can try selling them on /market.
    • To check the market: /market listings
    • To Price check an item in hand: /market pricecheck
    • To sell an item: /market create
    • Check out this video to learn how to use market! https://youtu.be/IGoqlTSoW54

How do I see my balance/money?




How do I breed pokemon?

How long does it take my egg to hatch?

How do I get to {location}?

  • Spawn: /spawn
  • Shop: /warp shop
  • Pokecenter: /warp pokecenter
  • Gyms: /warp arena
  • Home: /home (homename)
  • Back to the last Teleported location: /back
  • Random location: /wild
  • To another player: /tpa
  • Another player to you: /tpahere
  • Player Towns: /warp TownName

What does {???} do?

When are you updating to 1.8+/4.0.0+ ?

Pixelmon 4.0 switched its whole base system to Sponge, a new plugin system. Unfortunately, we feel this was done too early due to the lack of plugin support available at Sponge. Basically all our plugins need to be rewritten to work with Sponge, or we need to find equivalents, before we can update. This is going to be a long wait.