Township Application

Applying for Township

Many users want to live together and create their own cohesive communities. As such, they’ll create what’s known as a “town”. There are many towns, official and unofficial. Official towns will get a warp created for their town for ease of access and visibility.

But simply building a house and having people around you isn’t enough to be considered a town.

Town Qualifications:

  • You must provide a valid username and email.
  • Your town must have at least 2 town owners, no more than 5. Anyone after 5 is considered a stand in should an owner leave or end up banned.
  • Your town must have ten inhabited housings, including the mayor’s. A loose standard of building quality is recommended.
  • All public buildings in the town must be claimed. We also recommend your roads be claimed but it’s not required.
  • Your town must have a Pokecenter with at least 2 healers, 2 PCs, and 2 trade machines.
  • Your town must have a Public Marketplace for people to advertise their buying and selling in
  • Your town must have an Arena for players to do battle. The arena must have space for the competitors and at least 10 spectators with at least 1 PC and 1 Healer.
  • Your town must have a bulletin board that lists availability, owners, points of contact, and any rules the town might have.
  • Your town must have at least 1 other amenity listed below.
  • You will need to provide some way for us to contact you regarding your town.
  • You must agree that Pokeminer is not responsible for any griefing or damage that comes to your town and agree to replace and correct said damage from your own stock and understand that Pokeminer will not fix any damages but will take care to ban users caught griefing.

If your application is denied for the reasons listed above, you may reapply in 14 days.

After one month of being an accepted township, your town will be checked on by staff to make sure that you have maintained a standard of quality in your building and citizen activity as well as continued respecting the listed guidelines. A town that fails the check will find itself removed from warps.

A town that does pass its first monthly check, however, will find itself awarded an NPC of the town mayors’s choice. The NPC can be any basic NPC available, however, it must be within reasonable limits. (No level/EV grinder NPC, for example, or Shop NPC that sells things not available at /warp pokemart.)



  • Library: A place where users can go to hang out and enchant items.
  • Shrine Palace: a public area for people to place and use shrines.
  • Specialty Store: A player-run store building that sells items not commonly found in a shop (such as berries, held items, etc)
  • Player Marketplace: A marketplace where players can rent out spaces to sell their wares.
  • Donation Center: A place for people to donate unwanted items for other people.
  • Other: Please list and explain what other public amenities you might have.


Township Application
Your town may have many owners though we generally encourage no more than 5. This can also include any mayor elects, Second in command or anyone who we could contact should something happen.
X , Y, Z of your town. Can be found by pressing F3 in game.
Please list off the Amenities your town features. See above for descriptions.
After one month of being an accepted town, you may obtain a single, reasonable NPC, for example a duplicate of a Pokemart NPC, a trainer which can be battled once a day, or a Move Tutor. It will be further discussed after the month delay.