Gym Leader Guide (5.0)

Welcome to the PokeMiner Gym Leader Handbook. This guide is meant for aspiring gym leaders as well as veterans who want to make PokeMiner the ultimate Pixelmon server. Here we have compiled information to help you through the process of becoming a gym leader, and how to be a good gym leader. Once you know this page by heart, you will be an excellent gym leader, so pay attention!


How to become a Gym Leader

To become a gym leader, there are the following requirements:

  • You must be in possession of the badge for the gym you are applying to (unless there is no current leader).
  • You must have a full team of pokemon at the specific required level.
  • The team must consist of primary/secondary type pokemon matching the gym’s type.
  • Your team must be level-locked (learn how to in the Level Locking Guide )
  • Your team must have 5 unique pokemon. 1 repeat is allowed.
  • No excessively good IVs (around 26 max in a crucial stat)
  • No specific EV training (just having EVs is fine, targetting beneficial EVs is not)
  • Having a beneficial Nature is Allowed.
  • You must not use Legendary Pokémon.
  • Held items are allowed. (Leftovers, Life Orb, etc.)

Once these requirements are met, you may apply at our Gym Leader application page.

You will need to prepare the following information in your application:

  • Minecraft username
  • Age
  • Email address
  • Detailed descriptions of your pokemon
    • Either screenshots of their summary page or written as text

Once your application has been read and approved, you will be emailed with further instructions.


Gym Leader Rules

  • Only challengers with a pokemon within the level requirements may battle you,
    • They do not need a full team, but any pokemon in the team must be in the level bracket,
  • You may not use any healing items of any kind. The same goes for the player,
  • You may not say no to a challenger because you dislike them,
  • First come, first served. You have to battle challengers in the order they approach you.
  • You may only accept one challenge from each player, every 12 hours.
  • If the challenger wins but the badge was not automatically received, contact an admin to give the user their badge.
    • We recommend screenshotting the end-battle screens for evidence in case a player is trying to dispute the result of the battle. For the challenger we advise screenshotting your badge, just in case it gets removed by an unexpected bug.

Gym Leader Command Guide

  • /acceptchallenge <Gym>: Accepts a Gym challenge which will teleport both players to the Gym and start the battle.
  • /badges [player]: Opens the inventory containing the Badges of the specified player, or the command user if no player is specified.
  • /challenge <Gym>: Sends a challenge request to the Gym for a Leader of that Gym to accept. If there are other challengers, the player will be put into a queue to wait until the Leader completes all previous challenges.
  • /cancelchallenge <Gym>: If a challenger wants to cancel a challenge before it is accepted, this command will remove the challenger from the queue of challengers.
  • /gyminfo <Gym>: Gives information on the properties of the Gym specified, including the Gym name, type, level cap, Badge, Gym Leader position, and challenger Gym position.
  • /gymlist: Lists all Gyms, their statuses (open or closed), and all online Leaders for each Gym.
  • /viewchallenges <Gym>: Displays a list of all challengers and the order in the queue they’re in.

Gym Battle Instructions

In this instruction we will take the Flying Gym as an example:

The challenger will type /challenge Flying.

After the challenge has been sent by the challenger, the Gym Leader will receive a notification, saying they got a challenger, and also what Gym this person would like to challenge.

The Gym Leader takes the team for the right Gym from their PC into their party before accepting the challenge.

When the Gym Leader is ready to battle, they type /acceptchallenge Flying,

The battle will start, and both Gym Leader and Challenger will be warped to the specified Gym.

If the Challenger wins, they earn the Badge for that Gym, if the Gym Leader wins, the battle just ends.

*Note:* The names of the gyms are all Caps-Sensitive, which means for example /challenge flying will not work, but /challenge Flying will. 

Gym List

  • Level 25 gym
    • Flying Gym (Feather Badge)
    • Level req. 25 or under
  • Level 35 gym
    • Rock (Stone Badge)
    • Level req. 35 or under
  • Level 45 gym
    • Fighting Gym (Storm Badge)
    • Level req. 45 or under
  • Level 55 gym
    • Ground Gym (Earth Badge)
    • Level req. 55 or under
  • Level 65 gym
    • Dark Gym (Rising Badge)
    • Level req. 65 or under
  • Level 75 gym
    • Psychic Gym (Mind Badge)
    • Level req. 75 or under
  • Level 85 gym
    • Bug Gym (Hive Badge)
    • Level req. 85 or under
  • Level 95 gym
    • Water Gym (Rain Badge)
    • Level req. 95 or under