Guide: Solving Lag Problems

How to solve Lag:


This guide will cover RAM allocation for Minecraft launcher and Pixelmon launcher only

It is of note however that Technic launcher has caused many issues for players as so far and it is thus not recommended.




The amount of allocated RAM, or allocated memory, is basically how much effort Minecraft can put into running. If only a small amount of RAM is allowed to it, then it won’t be able to run appropriately and lag will occur. Pixelmon is notoriously consuming in RAM, and thus manual adjustments are necessary to make it run as smoothly as possible.

How big is a GigaByte?

GB  =  Giga Byte

MB = Mega Byte

1GB = 1024​MB

2GB = 2048​MB

3GB = 3072​MB

4GB = 4096MB





This assumes you have downloaded and installed Forge from in the current needed version for Pixelmon, as well as set Pixelmon itself in your mods folder.


– When launching Minecraft, select the Forge profile and click “Edit Profile”

– In the section “Java Settings (Advanced)”, tick the box “JVM Arguments”

– Where it states “-Xmx1G […]”, replace 1G with however much memory you want to allocate. 4G is a recommended minimum, depending on your computer’s max capacity.

– Click “Save Profile” and you’re good to go.


It’s also recommended to download Optifine at

Once you’ve downloaded  Optifine, put it in your mods folder.

Optifine is a mod that reduces lag and gives more options for animations and particles to be turned off, helping you reduce lag even further. Always keep all graphical options at a minimum.





This is the launcher that can be downloaded at

It comes preloaded with Forge and can normally run by itself without any troubles, however extra RAM allocation might still be necessary


– Open the Launcher, and then open the options menu. The option menu button is a small gear at the top of your window.
– There is a slider bar that says “Maximum Memory (MB)”. Turn that way up to at least about 4000. Close and launch.
– It is possible that you cannot allocate more memory, usually due to “Running 32 bit Java on a 64 bit PC”. In that case, go to (For Windows) and download the correct version of Java
– After it is done, reopen the options menu of your launcher, click “Select Java Install”, go to the folder where your new Java version is installed and pick “java.exe”
– You should now be able to execute the second step without any troubles.


Make entirely sure all your graphic options are turned to minumum, check your internet connection, or ask for further help in our Discord’s Support chat.