Our goal is to make our server safe and comfortable for all ages, from our youngest players (age 8) to our oldest players (40+). To do this, we enforce strict but fair rules on the community. We ask that you take the time to familiarize yourself with them as they are an important part of gameplay and will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

The Rules

  • Keep swearing to a minimum: Swearing is allowed, but excessive or insulting language will be punished. Please review our full swear list.
  • No spamming in chat or private message.
    • This includes CAPS spam.
  • No advertising in chat or private message: Any promotion of a non PokeMiner affiliated  server will result in an immediate, PERMANENT ban.
  • No cheatingno x-ray, flying, PokeRadar, GameShark, or any other mods that would give you an unfair advantage.
    • Cheating with Pokeradar or GameShark will result in a five day tempban and will be followed by a PERMANENT ban should you continue.
    • X-ray and flying are immediate PERMANENT bans.
    • No AFK pools, as this lags the server and is considered cheating and will result in a 5 day tempban.
  • No griefing or raiding.
    • Griefing or raiding will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Respect other players on the server.
    • Don’t bully, harass, scam, steal, or do something you wouldn’t want done to you. If you are in a disagreement with a player just /ignore them. No one wants to see an argument in chat.
  • No begging staff or other players for items.
    • It clogs up the chat and there’s plenty of ways to get items yourself.
    • If you have in-game money, you can offer to buy items, but be careful not to spam.
  • Keep global chat and public signs in English.
    • If you want to speak another language, please find a server for your country. Other languages are allowed only in private messages


  • We work on a 3 strike system, unless otherwise stated above:
    • Strike 1: You will be officially warned (the warning is recorded to your account).
    • Strike 2: You will be temporarily banned, the duration differing depending on the offense.
    • Strike 3: You will be permanently banned from the server, with little chance of appeal.
  • We provide a ban appeal system if you think you were wrongly banned or wish to apologise.
    • Using an alt to evade a ban will result in that account and your IP being banned.
    • Using a friend to ask staff about your ban in game will result in your appeal being denied and will get your friend possibly even banned themselves.

Should you find yourself wrongfully warned or muted or would like to talk about your recent offense, you can contact us on our contact page.